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What I Offer

1. Spiritual Business Mentorship + Website

Let’s talk about your offering, your service or product and how OWNING your GIFTS and POWERFUL abilities can bring your Spiritual Business dream to reality!

I walk you through a foolproof strategy to magnetize clients, sell your services and OWN your dreams.

2. Website Review/Update

Already have a Business? Let’s give everything a refresh and a foolproof strategy that builds followers turned clients where your Business is BOOMING with success!

I’ve got you covered!

3. I Just Want a Website

Don’t need all the bells and whistles but desperately need a WordPress Website you can Manage Yourself? 

I offer web design services and give you the keys to your website so you can continue to make small updates yourself

Learn to be independent + professional!

It is time!

Own Your Business Website

It is time to offer your Gifts to the world and be in full control of your website.

Whether you work as a Psychic, Reiki Healer, Sell Crystals, Speak Light Language….

You can FINALLY start running your business

Look Professional!

Gather Your Community

Be Organized and Clear

Know the Customer Journey

…With an Impeccable Website (that you can learn to manage yourself)

Launch your Powerful Offerings Today!

What I Do

Help you Manifest your Dream – Doing what you LOVE

It is not work when you love what you’re doing!

Living your Purpose is offering your gifts to the world. Let me help you get all set up to be professional, successful and FINALLY own what you’re meant to do!

Energy Healers & Reiki Practitioners

Herbalists & Naturopathic Doctors

Death Doulas & End of Life Coaches

Alternative Educators for Children & Youth

Mediums & Psychics

Divine Feminine Embodiment Coaches

Birth Doulas

Plant Medicine Facilitators

Divine Masculine Coaches


Sound Healers & Musicians

Organic Food Producers

What are you passionate about? What is your offering to the New World as a Spiritual Practitioner? 

"It felt like a Divine Intervention connecting with Niki. I had been struggling on my own to create a website. They said it would be easy! Use Wix or Godaddy with the Website Templates... It was always a flop. Nothing I did compared with the vision I had in my mind for a website that reflected me... Until I met Niki Tune!! She just got me right away. It was like Pure Magic! Niki just has a way of compiling all the information I threw at her and making it manifest so pretty as a website. And it all happened so quickly!!! I don't think my 1st payment had cleared before I recieved 3 differnt logo concepts. I mean, we were in such flow... I would gladly recommend Niki to anyone, especially any spiritual entrepreneur who is looking to get thier buisness up and running on the Interwebs!"

Judy Subirats

"I am extremely pleased with the work Niki, of Tuned in Web Design, did on my website. She listened to my vision and took it even further than I could have imagined. She made my website look elegant and cohesive with a design flow that makes it very user-friendly. Niki is very easy to work with. She listens well and was easily reachable and available for consultations and questions. Thank you so much for your vast technical knowledge and support, Niki. I could not have done this without your help!"

Cindy Farries

"I LOVE my new website! I have been wanting a professionally done website for so long and Niki delivered exactly that. She was fast, thorough and listened to what my vision was for it as well as having many awesome ideas of her own. Very happy with the results!"

Dezerae Tune

"To say that I was pleased with the work that Niki did on my website would be an understatement. Not only does the website flow seamlessly, Niki has captured the essence of what I do and the message that I want to convey, “It’s All About The Biology”."

Ken Somerville

"Nikki is a powerhouse. I absolutely loved working with her. I have a lot to thank her for because my business is literally off the ground because of her. She 100% got me when it came to the design of the website and she is fully in support of the work that I do. This is the most solid foundation from which to begin offering my work, my dream job. Nikki thank you so much!"

Abbygail Giddings

"Niki was an absolute star to work with – I felt supported and held through the entire creative birthing process of my website. Niki has an incredible knowledge base and understanding of technology and web design and was always very helpful with navigating the layers and different platforms to use regarding the online aspect of my business. Niki was compassionated and intuitive and she was able to match the creative spirit I was wanting to bring to my website. I would absolutely recommend Niki to anyone looking at starting a website. Thank you Niki – I am very grateful."

Jennifer Fanjoy

"In the spring of 2020 I was launching my first book, Trauma as Medicine and moving all at the same time. After years of running my own website, it was evident I needed help. Heres the thing – I know I am picky and bossy; I like things done just so and I am not afraid to say it. So I needed someone who could handle that with enthusiam and follow through. Niki was the perfect choice. She is well versed in transformational medicine, not only had she read my book, she had attended some of my shamanic training. Her knowledge of what I am offering and support in delivering it in a way that is attractive, compelling and insightful has been paramount to a successful book launch and rebranding. I highly recommend her services."

Sarah Salter Kelly

"It has been a pleasure working with Niki at Tuned In Web Design. I knew immediately she was the one to design my website. I loved her presence and thoughtfulness. She is intelligent, professional and creative. When you find someone who works with you to articulate the vision you hold, you know have found a gem.I am also grateful to the offering of a monthly subscription to maintain the site behind the scenes which allows me to focus on what I love to do. Niki is professional and tuned in just as her aptly named Website implies. I look forward to working together in the future. Thank you Niki xo"

Julie Bradshaw

“Having the opportunity to work with Niki from Tuned In Web Design has been such a blessing! Niki went above and beyond to ensure all of my needs were met and I could not be more happy with my website. Niki is knowledgeable, intuitive, and so gifted at taking a vision and bringing it to life! I am forever grateful for my experience and would not have a beautiful website if it were not for Niki! Would recommend to anyone looking to create a web design!”

Holly Seamone

“Niki created my beautiful website Solasta Healing. She is amazingly creative and intuitive, designing a site that is peaceful and healing. I am so happy with the result. I would highly recommend her."

Danielle Klyne

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