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For Spiritual Entrepreneurs Just Starting Out OR Needing a Refresh!

Spiritual Business Mentorship Program

Everything you Need

Addressing Fears of Being Seen

That little ego sabatoge, the imposter syndrome is VERY REAL and annoying. It’s healthy to have fears. Let’s talk about them – find out where they really stem from.

When we become aware of our fears, identify them, they no longer have a hold on our lives.

And we can be free to fulfill our dreams doing what we love – with NOT A CARE of what others think!

I will help you release what is holding you back!

Owning your Light Warrior Story

What was your awakening? What was your “ah-ha” moment?

I will support writing out the outline of your story so you can inspire others to work with you – when they can connect with your authentic experience.

Sharing your story will magnetize your dream clients to your Spiritual Business!

Identifying Your Clients

Knowing your audience is KEY to success. Let’s identify your dream clients’ needs and desires so you can speak directly to them!

This is where we get to niche down – a powerful way to target your audience and get loads of bookings!

Let’s make your audience feel heard and seen! They will never leave your little community of Spiritual well-being. 

The Client Experience

I will map out an ideal blueprint for your client’s journey with you. 

We don’t want them booking just once. We want your clients to come back – again and again. 

Funnel your Clients, Attract Repeat Customers and Build your Community!

Social Media Optimization Plan

As a Spiritual Practitioner myself, I have gone viral before. It was scary but it changed my life! I want you to have this experience but be MORE prepared than I was!

You can get the attention of your audience with a step by step strategy that guarantees a professional look and feel while being your authentic self – whether you’re new at this or not!

This is my secret passion! I can’t wait to get you there!

The Techy Tools

You need to look like a Professional Spiritual Practitioner like no other!

Together, we will put together your BRAND, your WEBSITE, your Unique Community space.

We will look at all potentials for your Spiritual Business including:

  • Newsletter Email Optin
  • Booking Software to make life Easy
  • Payment Gateways (which one and why?)
  • and anything you NEED to run your business

I want to ensure that you – as an Spiritual entrepreneur, business professional, dreamer of dreams can have A KICK A$$ digital space just like the Pros.

The Promise

I promise that you will be successful, even if you’re just starting out!

In order to fulfill this promise we will GO LIVE TOGETHER (either on Instagram or Tiktok) when your Spiritual Business is complete and ready to launch.

I will hold your hand, get you followers and start building your audience with you!

This will be fun! Let’s do this together!

Energy Exchange (Cost)

Our project of working together building your Spiritual Dream Business takes two months, weekly calls, high intensity focus and major breakthroughs.

When I’m focused with a client I’m super passionate and like a steam train – I can’t stop until arrival time!

I hold your hand through the WHOLE process and even when we’re done – I host a FREE monthly Spiritual Entrepreneur Business Call for discussion, support, troubleshooting and community building JUST exclusive to Spiritual Practitioners like you!

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Clarity Call

Spiritual Business Complete Audit + Review

In this one-hour intensive, we will do a complete audit and review of your Spiritual Business:

  • Social Media
  • Offerings/Services
  • Website
  • as well as any other tools or resources you’re utilizing for your business
Get Clear on Goals

Together we discuss where you’ve been and where you’re heading. Let’s see what is working well and where improvement is needed. You will leave with clarity of what your next steps should be and have projected outcomes and clear goals.

Generate Passion Once Again

It’s lonely being a Spiritual Entrepreneur. This line of work is UNLIKE any other. There’s no one to talk to that understands what it’s like. 

The Struggles. The Doubt. 

Somtimes we get stuck and we don’t know what our business needs to continue to grow and flourish.

Revisiting all aspects of your business will put you back on track feeling renewed, excited and passionate to pursue your Spiritual Business.

Talking with me will support your goals, give you new direction and set you back on the path of your purpose and mission!

Not sure? Let’s talk anyway.