Monthly Membership for Hosting & Website Security + Maintenance

$27.00 / Months

Total $27 CAD + Tax (5% GST) Monthly




It is highly recommended that individual sites have
continuous scanning, cleaning, and protecting on an ongoing basis.

Shared hosting with Tuned In provides several layers of security:

1. CloudLinux OS which limits the number of resources an account can allocate.
2. CageFS encapsulation of each account on the server into its own shell. Each account has its
own set of tools and environment that cannot be accessed outside of the shell.
3. Custom ModSecurity system that prevents the execution of a massive database of known
malware scripts.
4. ClamAV scanner available in cPanel > Virus Scanner.
5. BitNinja security that prevents malware activity on the server.
6. cPHulk brute-force protection for each account on the server.

As well as a Powerful Security Plugin which does regular scans and files a backup of your website routinely.


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