Are you working from home or you would like to? Sell your handicrafts, products and services. We will set up a shopping cart in your website with payment options such as paypal and credit card and the money goes right into your bank account.

We want nothing more than to make you feel empowered – like you’ve got every potential opportunity to fulfil your dreams. Make money from home doing what you love – finally!

Design and Branding

It’s extremely important you are consistent with image, product and presence. Let me help you customize your look with a Brand Pallete suited perfectly for you. Includes colour pallete, paired fonts, and logo graphics to use for multi purposes – for your website, letterhead, business cards – and anywhere else you’d like. It should be simple and effective. Your online presence is like your fingerprint – there’s no other like it!


Successful Marketing Plan

Sales Funnels are the way of the future! No more browsing through pages learning all about your product. A sales funnel customized for your website is the BEST way to boost sales and get people buying your product. It’s the ultimate game changer for the evolution of the website.¬†

Scheduling/Booking Feature

Would you prefer people to book an appointment without phoning/emailing you? We can set up scheduling and booking feature on your website and sync it with your calendar app to keep your schedule organized. Your customers or clients can even prepay for your meeting too! We’ve got you covered.

Easy peasy!

Blog/Newletter Feature

A very effective way to reach your customers is through emailed newsletters. Your customers will be informed of your journey to success and learn more about you and your product/service.

Send your customers/clients helpful reminders or about new products you have available. Update them on your latest blog sharing your new revelations and discoveries. Let them in on your amazing journey doing what you love.

Live your Purpose

 Finally live your true calling and do it from the comfort of your own home.

Be your unique self and take pride in the gifts you have. It would be our greatest joy to enhance what you do by giving you a professional look and the confidence to get started living your dream!

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